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The Ultimate Guide to the Norwegian Startup Ecosystem

Find the perfect startup hub for you

Knowledge hubs, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, funding instruments - you name it. Norwegian entrepreneurs and startups have more support to choose from, than ever before! The need for various assistance is still high, and many aren't aware of the fantastic opportunities out there now.
This article is an attempt to list all of the startup hubs out there now in 2019 - work in progress! If you have additions, please send them to hei[at] Thanks!

advancing local new/early-stage startups, open application, open-ended timeline, no equity necessary

Prefer freedom and flexibility, and at the same time have access to mentors, network, funding and more? Check out if an incubator is the best option for you.

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later-stage startups, application necessary, set times of the year, set duration, funding, equity, rapid growth/scale

Ready to take it to the next level? Join an intensive program running for typically 3-4 months. PS: Fasten your seatbeat, 'cause this will be one he** of a ride!

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shared services/amenities, flexibility, office perks, community, events

Not ready to join a program? Join a co-working space and benefit from low-cost office solutions, flexibility and all the benefits of being part of something bigger.

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Small business centers (næringshager)

"Næringshagene" is a national program where the goal is to grow innovation, development and new businesses in rural areas in Norway. There are about 40 næringshager in Norway in 2019. More information

Government initiatives



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